Life in Palermo

I arrived this morning to the Ezeiza airport on time and in reasonable condition. I was still clutching my magical talisman–a gift of a tourmaline beaded bracelet representing safe travels from Melissa. It worked. The flight wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

E. took a bus to the airport and arranged a driver back north into the city. The driver zipped and dashed past motorcyclists and moped riders. I forget how prudent DC cab drivers can be compared to the rest of the world.

The flora alongside the highway reminded me of Fiji a little–lush, green, and tropical. Getting closer to the city, the landscape was littered with tall apartment skyscrapers. However, there is no standardization. Many of the complexes looked stripped and distressed in this part of town. Balconys are everywhere–a standard luxury. Our little balcony looks over a courtyard shared by multiple complexes. I hear green parrots in the trees but can’t see them yet.

Our apartment building is located in the Palermo neighborhood which is middle class and pretty safe. The building pool can be called a “sitting pool,” as it looks like the place you turn to when life is roasting in the city. The building also has a humble exercise room. The neighborhood reminds me of Europe, as it’s bustling with multi colored, non chain stores dotting the street.



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6 responses to “Life in Palermo

  1. sher71

    Hey LOOK – a bidet!!

  2. nlgibson

    Glad you made it safe! Enjoy your malbec and empanada.

  3. tencat56

    Air conditioning!? Sweet!!

  4. himmel62

    you live in an IKEA catalogue. I am so jealous. Glad you made it there safely, send E. my love.

  5. It’s a palace compared to your DC apt. Congrats on such a cool place!

  6. Welcome to the Paris of South America! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here has my family has.

    Dave (dwilban at gmail )

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