Rear Window

Rear Window

I realized tonight what our balcony reminds me of. I feel like Jimmy Stewart in Hitchcock’s Rear Window. However, in my version of the movie there are construction workers sawing all day and beagles bellowing through the evening. Tonight we can hear all of our neighbors scream when the soccer team, River Platas, makes goals.

Perhaps all of these mundane descriptions will change once I purchase my binoculars.



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5 responses to “Rear Window

  1. tencat56

    Interesting view….
    Actually, in my version, there would be a scene involving a pool and a towel boy named Aramando.
    But I digress.
    Hope you’re getting settled in, sweetie!

  2. adventurejournalist

    You’ve planted a HUGE bug, was curious what you or E. know about Recoleta?

    We’re thinking about 6 months down there, found some beautiful apartments for less than what we’re paying in Colorado suburbia.

    THANKS 😛

  3. stilllifeinbuenosaires


    I haven’t gotten a feeling for all of the neighorhoods yet, but from what I’ve read, Recoleta is more chi-chi and expensive. I’ve heard it’s safe. I’ll have to let you know once I walk around more.

    One thing I do know is that this city loooves dogs. I had no idea before I came down. I’ve seen dog walkers with 15 or more dogs swarming their legs. That’s my kind of city. : )

    Would that be a trip to meet each other in South America?

  4. adventurejournalist

    I’m really diggin’ this place:

    But this one, too, near Valparaiso, Chile:

    Shane and I had always planned at some point to go spend several months in/around parts of Patagonia. I didn’t realize until you’d mentioned it how affordable Buenos Aires is. You weren’t kidding.

    After Maine, I think we may seriously consider it.

  5. eckang

    Forgot what a good writer you are. Makes me miss both reading your stuff and you. Maybe I’ll send you some binoculars. (Remember the goblin? Now that I have my own goblin, that’s even funnier. But I don’t think you’ll try to steal mine…)

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