New Kid in Town

Julian Alvarez Street

This is the view on the street outside our apartment. I’ve always liked tennis shoes hanging from a power line.

I am flexible with change and blend in with most environments. Before I arrived in Buenos Aires, I had the idealistic notion that no one would recognize me as an American. It’s not as though I walk around with a fanny pack and white tennis shoes. I’ve done a pretty good job with wearing the clothes of a normal Argentinean girl. Skirts and tanks are popular.

One thing I did to my detriment was to get a haircut the second day here. I ended up looking like Amelie, but not as cute. It’s so humid here that my hair frizzes up in a mass of natty curls. I’ve noticed while taking walks that Argentinean women don’t have short hair. As a rule they have wavy long hair that they pull up into loose pony tails or chignons.

Secondly, I am as pale as a ghoul. I haven’t seen the Washington, DC, sun in months, so people may think I’m German or Scandinavian.

I’m wondering if I should embrace my differences or try to assimilate.



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9 responses to “New Kid in Town

  1. tencat56

    Take things in stride right now, sweetie. Give it a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll naturally adjust to the culture and pace of the locals. Don’t worry about the small things.
    Sounds like you might need some type of hair treatment/conditioner to tame those tresses for now.
    There’s no shame in having a pastey complexion. Aren’t light skinned Scandinavians considered pretty? I bet that some people there would think your differences are exotic!
    Relax and enjoy.

  2. adventurejournalist

    >> I bet that some people there would think your differences are exotic!


  3. nlgibson

    Go native, learn the lingo, learn the slang, learn how the “locals” eat their food. You’ll never get the chance again.

  4. himmel62

    Are you nuts? Why would you change yourself to fit in? You’re an American and that’s part of your identity. I agree with nlgibson, that you should try to immmerse yourself in their culture. But do it with some flava, not as an effort to blend in.
    **don’t be tempted to bake your skin. You only have one set and you don’t want to ruin it by tanning (you know I’m right)!


  5. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    I never said I planned to tan!!

    OK…I totally planned to tan.

  6. Be a hippy American- grow your hair until it hits your bum.

    embrace u-

  7. Apparently, shoes above mean that there are drug dealers in the area, according to my porteño.

  8. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    Good to know–Thanks for the information.

  9. yes i too have heard the same about the shoes hanging on the wires meaning drug dealers nearby….but maybe its just an urban myth….

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