The Kindness of Strangers

The weather is cooling here; I think I may have missed out on the summer. The rain has chilled the city off into a fall lull. I’m listening to Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely” with the cool, pregnant breeze floating through our window. Our neighbors are all silent tonight. Strange that this is the witching hour. Then again, it is 2:30 at night. We’ve been going to sleep very late.

I had planned to post numerous pictures today, but as I finished lunch in Palermo Viejo, a boutique area of the city, I found that our old camera has broken. It was as if the viewer had gone blind. The screen was black; the pictures I tried to take turned out black. This is especially humorous to me as I just endeavored to learn how to use it. I’m not too concerned, though, because we have a new camera in our possession.

As I petulantly tried to revive the camera, I sipped cafe con leche at a coffee house around the corner from our apartment, “Petaluma.” It boasted that it is a ‘cafe for baristas.’ That sounded like the perfect fit for me. The local custom is to have breakfast of cafe con leche (coffee with hot milk) and mini croissants which they call “medialunas.” I have not done this yet, but I watched all of the locals purchasing afternoon cakes and croissants. The baristas were very kind and smiled at me, so I think I may become a regular.

I’ll leave you with another dirty cat tonight from Recoleta.

Recoleta Mausoleum Black Stray



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7 responses to “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. ckw1945

    So, the cats just get fed through the kindness of strangers? Don’t they carry pestilence with them? Do you ever fear for your safety since you are an American? Does the emerging conflict with Columbia and Venezuela effect you at all?
    Miss ya!

  2. nlgibson

    You found your local cafe! Don’t you love living in a new city?! Sounds like its awesome too, none of that Starbucks trash.

  3. stilllifeinbuenosaires


    I don’t fear for my safety any more than I did in DC. I just keep my wits about me.

    People feed the cats. I even saw some holding them on their laps on the park benches.

    The Columbia and Venezuela posturing hasn’t influenced this area outside any potential intervention from President Kirschner.



    Rumor has it that a Starbucks opened up here a few months ago. I am going to stay the heck away from it!

  4. maji63

    Did Deb see the cat? She must be on the first plane she can get to Buenos Aires.

  5. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    I haven’t heard from Debbie since posting the cat stories. I think that’s a bad sign…

    I can’t possibly save them all, though–there are hundreds!! They are being taken care of, though.

  6. tencat56

    My philosophy doesn’t involve whether they all can be saved, just the ones that I can.
    That aside, I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay, sweetie.
    Miss you most.

  7. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    I think you need to come visit me in Buenos Aires. (BTW, bring all of your cat carriers…)

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