Half Moon with Coffee

Cafe y Medialunas

I took a walk through the central city on Friday, in part to see the heart of Buenos Aires and in part to locate my university. Starting Monday I’ll be an estudiante de la universidad de Buenos Aires. My regimen will be a two-hour class four days out of the week. They are sorely needed, I must admit.

The city center is bustling, loud, and fast. Most side streets are one-way and narrow. Buses and cars pour through, belching purple smoke and shuddering. I was overstimulated despite being a city dweller. I had to slip away for some peace, so I ducked into a cafe across from the school of language.

One of the sweet and endearing practices of the area is that waiters bring you a small glass of bubbly water and a cookie or sweet to savor with your coffee. I’ve been ordering a cafe con leche, coffee with milk, because I’ve an affinity for a larger serving. The espresso is quite good, though. No surprise, the less touristy cafes have the best baristas.

The porteno (Buenos Aires local) breakfast is the medialuna, which is a sweet croissant. I ordered two with cheese. I like the name for the croissants which I translate to mean “half moon” which is a romantic name for a pastry.

I’ve always had a cavalier attitude as a pedestrian in the city. In fact, I’ve run gonzo through DC and suburban intersections, knowing that pedestrians rule in the end. Here–not so much. It seems to be a game (thrill?) to hit pedestrians. As much bravado as I had in DC, I am quite prudent and submissive to all porteno drivers. A mini van just barely missed me while I briskly neared the curb today, and I had the walk signal.



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3 responses to “Half Moon with Coffee

  1. maji63

    Golly, whatch those crazy drivers. Sounds like home huh? Glad you are enjoying. Stay safe.

  2. razor_rez

    Brazil is same – no joke either. They will NOT stop for you – it’s the opposite of the U.S. for peds.

  3. Alejandra

    Hi there. I stumbled across your diary on google search engines. I’m going to be taking the same classes at La UBA, but when I try to call the school I get so many different responses. I start classes on the 21st of August and if youcould e-mail a little bit of your experience with registration and the process I would greatly appreciate it.

    I’m going to BA with an advanced level of spanish, but I didn’t learn it in Argentina (parents are Mexican) and it isn’t my primary language.


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