Cheap Wine and Solitude

Downtown B.A.

There are a lot of great attributes about living in Buenos Aires, and I have not served them justice in my early posts. The Argentine peso is currently worth a third of a dollar which stretches our expenses far. It’s common to order dinner and drinks for two and pay U.S. $30. Not all purchases are deals (electronics and luxury goods are notoriously marked up), but food and drinks are very reasonable. A quality Argentine or Chilean bottle of wine is U.S. $4 or $5.

I chose to post the above picture because it reveals the mixture of young and old architecture in the city. This particular spot is on a pedestrian street near my university. Many of the buildings have a turn-of-the-century appearance similar to ornate Parisian architecture. A lot of the walls have a romantic, Victorian influence.

There are a great number of parks in the city, and I have great respect for a city that tends to the greenery and sense of a tranquil space. This is one of the attributes I love about Sydney, Australia. There are areas you can “get away” within the city space and feel you have escaped. The city parks in DC are often ravaged and haggard–including the national mall–where the grass has been stripped by over-tread.

I ought to be studying all of the time, but I pledge to enjoy solitude in the park while I can–before we have to leave this lovely place.

Plaza Alemania


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