Red Pandas at the Coming of Fall

Red Panda_BA Zoo

I used to have a children’s book that had pictures of red pandas. I have had a fondness for them ever since, but I never get to see them since they are nocturnal. Lucky for E. and me, this one woke up just as we came by to visit. (Photo courtesy of E.)

We visited the Buenos Aires zoo on Friday. It isn’t a particularly well known zoo. Some of the enclosures were too small. The bears seemed very depressed–one kept walking in dazed circles around her water pool. The elephants seemed happy, though, as did other animals. We enjoyed one of the last few warm days we’ll have. Fall is here.

One of my favorite parts of the zoo was the agoutis. Agoutis are a large guinea pig-like animal that roams around foraging, much like a rat. They’ve obviously been indulged by the visitors. There were only two agoutis in the agouti enclosure because all of the rest were trailing small children and easy targets like me. I gave one a few kernels of sweet popcorn.

I have recently corresponded with an expatriate from the U.S. who lives in a close neighborhood to mine. Her name is Deby from She’s a well known tango dancer at the clubs. I’m hoping to visit a club with her and see the true tango life. She also corrected me on the instrument used for tango music. It’s not the accordion; tango musicians use the bandoneon.

Today I graded papers all day, but tomorrow I hope to see some new neighborhoods such as San Telmo and La Boca. La Boca appears in a lot of photographs of Argentina. The buildings are painted in crazy, vivid colors. It’s not the best tourist location, though, as some areas are seedy.



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3 responses to “Red Pandas at the Coming of Fall

  1. himmel62

    I checked out the link to the agouti pic and it looks like a squirrel, w/o a tail. how big is it?

  2. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    Some agoutis were the size of guinea pigs, but the larger ones were the size of a cat or large rat. They seem to be harmless though. One climbed onto my leg hoping for a treat.

    Surprise, surprise–I wish I could have one as a pet! They remind me of Squeakers.

  3. ckw1945

    We still have the panda book. Such fond memories!!
    Squeakers was fatter than the agouti in the picture.

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