Green Parrots in the Trees

I mentioned green parrots when I first arrived. I kept hearing them squawk to one another in the lean pines outside the apartment, but I wasn’t completely convinced I was right.

I’m a novice bird watcher, so I don’t have complete faith in my bird hunches. My happiest ornithological moment was stalking the elusive kiwi at dusk on Stewart Island, New Zealand. I actually found them.

Finally, I received some validation on the green parrots when I saw them cackling through the park the other day. Now I see them every day. They zip much faster than the clunky pigeons around here, who flutter from balcony to balcony. It’s too bad I can’t get a closer look, but they blend in so well once they get nestled up in the branches.

Here’s the best picture I could find.



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2 responses to “Green Parrots in the Trees

  1. maji63

    The animals and birds sound really interesting. I am an avid bird watcher. I had never heard of Red Pandas before. Sounds like an interesting place.

  2. tencat56

    What a pretty bird. I wonder if people try to feed them? You know I’d be out there with seed just to see if I could get them to come to me.

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