F.F. Coppola and “Tetro”

I’ve started reading the Argentine news, which is a promising sign. I can gather about 75% of what the reports say in writing. (Still having difficulty listening–especially to dialects from the rest of South America.)

Today the news reports that Francis Ford Coppola will start filming his current film endeavor entitled, “Tetro,” about two Italian brothers who immigrate to Buenos Aires and deal with familial angst and negative elements of immigrant life. Vincent Gallo and Javier Bardem (of No Country for Old Men) will star.  CBS News states:

The five-time Oscar winner, best known for “The Godfather” trilogy about the Corleone mafia family, is preparing to shoot a film about a much different, but equally dysfunctional, Italian-immigrant clan.

“Tetro,” for which Coppola wrote an original screenplay, follows two sons of a great but monstrously self-absorbed orchestra conductor in contemporary Argentina. Much of the film will be shot in La Boca, a neighborhood marked by the legacy of poor Italian immigrants who arrived by the shiploads in the early 20th century. Researching his tale, Coppola discovered many parallels between Buenos Aires and the New York he grew up in.

“Italian families emigrated to Argentina and the United States, and very often brothers in the same family would go two different directions,” Coppola explains…

I learned that Francis Ford Coppola was living and preparing to film in Buenos Aires back in September when U.S. news reported that his Palermo Hollywood compound was robbed. It is a strange for such a wealthy home to be vulnerable to robbers. Perhaps he was a little cavalier since his neighborhood is relatively safe.

E. and I live in Alto Palermo, next to Palermo Viejo. Viejo is the new chic and trendy area made up of Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. I have walked the streets and the areas are made up of a lot of trendy and expensive boutiques and restaurants and cafes. I like Palermo Soho a lot, but Palermo Hollywood seems a little grittier, maybe meaner. When navigating to P. Hollywood, I crossed train tracks. Several trains blustered by, carrying area commuters. Track areas always seem ratty and run down.  This was no exception, but the neighorhood is supposed to be undergoing a transfusion of money, including Coppola’s.


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