Serenade in La Boca

Tango Cafe in La Boca

Tengo Suerte here. I am so very lucky. I pinch myself every day.

On Malvinas Day, V. had a holiday from work. We took a collectivo (bus) to La Boca, the colorful and poster ready Buenos Aires neighborhood. At the Barberia Tango Show cafe, we sat outside and watched two tango dancers strut on a small platform while a milonga singer crooned into a microphone. We were the only women around, so the singer edged close to our table and made moony eyes at us. My face turned beet red. He was trying to romance ladies for generous tips.

Girl in Window - La Boca

Our visit to La Boca wasn’t very long. There are three main streets geared toward tourists. It’s suggested that visitors stick with the busy streets. Though I saw plenty of foreigners, I was impressed by the number of locals enjoying coffee at outdoor cafes.

Much of the neighborhood is rundown and unsafe, particularly at night and during soccer matches. One of the local soccer teams, the Boca Juniors, has a stadium there called La Bombonera. While the colors and vibrancy make this barrio feel alive and pulsing, it’s clear that houses are flimsily constructed and dilapidated.

Shops and Houses in La Boca

We walked through tourist gift shops and took pictures, but an hour was plenty of time to visit. We walked next to the stadium and past hordes of stray dogs scavenging the streets. Beautiful and at the same time devastating.

Dog Sleeping on the Doorstep




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2 responses to “Serenade in La Boca

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ve never seen a live tango but I hear it’s one of the most amazing things.

  2. love all the photos – such colourful streets!

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