Reserva Ecologica

A view of the city from the reserve

To get out of the Buenos Aires and forget the cloying city life and traffic, I recommend visiting the Reserva Ecologica on the Rio de la Plata. You can leisurely walk along the river bed or ride a bicycle through the paths. It’s possible to rent a bicycle outside the park for six pesos.

We visited the reserve at the cusp of autumn. It felt like we had been transported. Pumping the pedals of my red bicycle, I became a child again.

At the start of the trails, there is a bird sanctuary with hawks and other native birds, including at least one owl. We found green parakeets in the trees, eating giant yellow berries and chattering away in the sun.

When you go, check out the brightly colored, independent parilla stands outside the park with others selling handmade crafts and cakes. One stand offered a marionette show. Across the street from the reserve are a larger number of stands selling artisanal crafts and tea.



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5 responses to “Reserva Ecologica

  1. Gorgeous! Parakeets in the wild? I love it!

  2. I have never noticed the bike rentals before. Did you notice if they have bikes with seats for children as well?

    I didn’t see any bikes equipped for children, but then again, I didn’t look especially for these type of bikes. They did have a good selection, though.

  3. Very nice pictures ! I stumbled on your blog and like it very much. Argentina is a place I wish to visit and hope I can be there sometime.

    Until then, I will enjoy it vicariously through your blog.

    Thanks for your compliment. I hope you are able to visit in the future.

  4. Looks wonderful! I hope to visit someday! So glad they reserve some wild space like this.

  5. Susan

    Thank you for the information – sounds wonderful! I will be studying in Buenos Aires this fall and was wondering if the paths here in the Reserva Ecologica are paved. Thanks so much!

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