Vivir Lo Nuestro

I found this vintage video of two of my favorite salsa singers–Marc Anthony and La India. This song always makes my heart soar–I have to sway my hips to it. The singers were just starting out as artists when they recorded this song together. La India is holding a cigar while singing, an homage to her late grandmother. Marc is a little flat sometimes, but I still love their vocal chemistry. (I think he’s improved a little bit.)

The lyrics to this song seem inspired by Neruda:

En un llano tan inmenso
tan inmenso como el cielo
voy a podar un jardin
para que duerma tu cuerpo
en un mar espeso y ancho
mas ancho que el universo
voy a construir un barco
para que nade en el sueno

In plains as immense
as immense as the sky
I’m going to place a garden
where your body can sleep.
In a sea as expansive and deep
more deep than all the universe
I’m going to construct a boat
for you to swim in dreams

Are there any salsa (or tango) songs that make your heart soar–that have been overplayed on your Discman or iPod but you keep coming back?



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3 responses to “Vivir Lo Nuestro

  1. Not yet, but I’m still learning! But I have to say that I love Neruda and Grupo 5 (Peruvian). Please tell me more about good salsa groups.

  2. This is silly but my 16 month old’s ‘comfort song’ (it really calms him when a meltdown is imminent) is the version of Guantanamera sung by Omara Portoundo and kids. Not really salsa, pre se, but we play it a lot. (How many meltdowns is too many?)

    Hmmm…you’d better watch out or you might start to hate that song! 😉

  3. I like this song too, and I’m a fan of Marc Anthony’s voice and the songs he sings. Salsa romantica is my favourite kind of salsa to dance to — it always gets my salsa gigolomojo up.

    But it seems your blog is more about tango than salsa .. I wonder, is there a Marc Anthony of tango?

    I’m not familiar with a present-day king of tango singers. Carlos Gardel is the ultimate tango icon.

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