The restaurant Arevalito (little Arévalo) is named after the street it resides on. If you are in the mood for handmade casseroles and vegetarian based dishes, Argentine style, try this sweet little cafe in Palermo Hollywood. We originally read about Arevalito in a story on vegetarian dishes in the Washington Post.

[The head chef states] “People never know what they’re going to eat … I cook with whatever fruits and vegetables are in season and use a lot of grains.” She says that she doesn’t follow any rules of cuisine and that the only label she feels comfortable with is “meatless.”

E. ordered a “pastel” of vegetables and hard boiled egg. This is a casserole dish of layered vegetables. My dish was “circulo crocante.” I expected croquettes, but the circulo was a large toasted burrito shell with vegetables layered on top. The pastel was by far my favorite. The chard, cooked corn, and egg mixture was savory, with a simple layer of cheese. The menu seems to change based upon the ingredients the cook has. The menu also included a Chop Suey and Syrian Rice dish the day we visited.

The weather was warm enough that we could sit on the sidewalk and eat. From a window, we could watch the head chef work her magic. The upbeat and quick service was fun and appreciated. The chef calls herself the “reduccionista.” I highly recommend her work.

Arevalito is located at Arévalo 1478.



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5 responses to “Arevalito

  1. Next month when I have money again I may have to try this. How are the prices? Decent, or “Palermo”?

    The prices are reasonable, in my opinion.


  2. Okay, I’m definitely going sometime in the next week or so. What’s the closest intersection/Subte station? And how much does it cost? The food sounds great.

    A meal is less costly than Bio. I believe the average meal is $23 pesos. The intersection is at Arevalo and Cabrera.

  3. Nate

    Meal sounded great, REALLY looking forward to all the great food you have in the area. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to spend two weeks watching or hearing me eat 17 tons of BA beef. Mendoza!

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