Tango Buenos Aires Festival

Photo Credit: Gustavo Brazzalle

The Tango Buenos Aires Festival begins on August 15 and offers concerts, classes, movies, documentaries, and competitions–many of which are free. If you are a beginner to tango, take advantage of the free “clases para principiantes.” (Enrollment on the official site is required for classes.) The main location for events is at the old Harrod’s building in the Microcentro. You can find a comprehensive program of events here.

The jazz pianist Fernando Otero’s concert looks interesting on August 20. His music is a tango and jazz fusion.

The official Festival Web site is available here.

Update:  I stopped by the festival and found that there is an open dance floor and vendors positioned in the Harrod’s location–877 Florida. The open floor is active when concerts are not in session. It’s a great location to dance or people watch, especially if you have a few extra minutes downtown. The festival is worth a visit, even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer.


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  1. jantango

    Ramiro Gallo will be premiering his new Orquesta Tipica on Saturday at 7:00pm in Harrod’s at Florida 877. There will be an homenaje to Chula Causi on Thursday at 6:00pm in Harrods. He was a bandoneonista with Juan D’Arienzo and turns 97 on August 27. He was featured in the documentary “Cafe de los Maestros” playing at the Gaumont for 4 pesos.

    These concerts are on my agenda.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions, Jan.

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