Sort-of Dog Walker

I joked about becoming a dog walker when I arrived in Buenos Aires; then I discovered that dog walking is serious business. It’s not uncommon for a professional walker to walk 15 dogs or more.

I’m just not that strong…or brave.

I did, however, become a dog walker of some sort. A friend lets me walk her greyhound twice a week. He is insane. Although he is one of the fastest runners of the world–one of the most sporty dogs ever–he detests going outside. He would rather curl up in his propio dogbed or sun himself stretched out on the Indian rug than go outside with me. Some days he doesn’t make it for an half an hour outdoors without trying to drag me down the street to his home.

I’m never so popular as when I am walking this dog. Porteños are fanatics for dogs, but they are particularly drawn to his delicate and puppy-like appearance. “Es un GALGO?” (greyhound) they exclaim, and caress his muzzle and coo. Teenage girls come running after him like groupies.

His tiny ears feel like swatches of velvet. His eyes are golden. I have to admit that he is pretty precious.



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11 responses to “Sort-of Dog Walker

  1. What a cute dog!! I also joked about being a dog walker here, if I was unable to find a job. I don’t think I’d be able to walk 15 dogs, though. Most of the dog walkers I’ve seen walk big dogs. I think the dogs would end up walking me, instead of the other way around:)

  2. Lol, your story reminded me of the most neurotic dog I used to baby sit who was an Afgan. I would have to drag him out of the house to take him for a walk, or he would happily pee on the carpet.

    Yes, they love their dogs here, and seem to know all the breeds. I was happy just to get a mutt, but oh no, the Pelado insists that we get some sort of purebred. Thank goodnesss, we finally agreed on the dog, now we just need to get new shelter!

  3. I must be looking at a different picture than the rest of you because I see a dog that looks stunned, like you put an electric bolt up its ass until it stopped yapping. Not only that, but I’m also positive that your greyhound-for-rent looks almost identical to an old man I saw on the subte today.

    He does have a crazy look about him!

  4. Oh my goodness that puppydog is so cute!

  5. Is funny, walking two dogs for me will be more than impossible, specially if you have to use some main streets with traffic (and drivers in Argentina!? hmmmm, I don’t think so)
    All my respect for dog-walkers, by the way, cute-cute dog!

    I have a theory that drivers here will stop for dogs before humans. I don’t want to test it out though!


  6. And his green tag is the perfect accessory!

    Don’t you want to put him in your pocket?

  7. doug

    I thought greyhounds were big, does he have some whippet in him.

    From what I understand, he is a miniature greyhound.

  8. so you’re his dog walker and his motivational speaker? “come on little galgo. let’s go outside. it’s niiiice outside!”

    Ha! I wish he could understand that there are so many horrible smells here that he would enjoy on the sidewalks. 😛

    His sole motivations in life are neck scratches and food. A lot of Argentines tell his owner that she needs to feed him. They think he’s starved. 😉

  9. He’s lovely, what a nice job. I have a galgo and she is quite popular too!

  10. What a gorgeous greyhound – no wonder everyone wants to pet him! I have 3 couch-potatoes of my own sprawling on the sofas as I type – they really are the laziest of dogs 😉

    I miss him so much now that I am not in Buenos Aires. He is not the brightest of chaps. 🙂

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