La Paceña’s Bolivian Empanadas

We’ve been traveling a lot recently, with trips to Colonia, Uruguay; Tigre, Argentina; and Córdoba, Argentina. The past few days I’ve been getting back into the custom of class and studying the subjunctive form. I walk around the city thinking of sentences of desire or possibilities in which to use it. My language ability changes day to day. I feel best when I’m in the city and immersed in conversations, whether comfortable or not.

Empanadas may be my favorite food in Argentina. The savory, buttery insides and crispy, hearty dough make them comfort food. I look for spicy choices on the cartas when we go out to eat. While an item on a menu may say “picante,” it’s usually mildly spiced at best. When I discovered on Saltshaker that I could find a spicy cabbage empanada in Belgrano, I had to make the trip to La Paceña.

The restaurant is unassuming–a family pizzeria layout with long tables and light stool chairs. The empanadas are good; their dough reminds me of the coating of a corn dog–really crisp and sweet. They come to the table super hot. When you receive your platter, you may have to suffer through waiting a couple minutes for the empanadas to cool, as they’ll burn your fingers and mouth. As Saltshaker notes, the insides also drip down your wrist.

Puka-kapa is the spicy cabbage choice. The cook coated the top with chili powder and integrated cheese with the cabbage. We also tried the verdura, vegetables, and al-to-que (caprese) with mozzarella, tomato, and basil. I liked the verdura, but my favorite was the puka-kapa. Visit La Paceña even if you don’t like spicy food. The dough and fillings stand out among the standard Argentine empanada types.

La Paceña is located at Echeverria 2570 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires.



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9 responses to “La Paceña’s Bolivian Empanadas

  1. mmm…are they open in the afternoon? It is only a little more than a short hike from our barrio.

    They should be. We went around 2 on a Saturday. Let me know what you think! 🙂

  2. Aunt Marge

    Buenos Aires sounds like a great place for food and sight-seeing. Thanks for your blog in describing all your adventures. I really enjoy it, since I will never get there, I’m sure.
    Love, Aunt Marge

  3. hey, I see you found Phoebe´s pics 🙂

    I was in Belgrano today, right in that area, but we ended up having lunch in Barrio Chino, next time, I´m gonna have to try these empanadas, thanks for the recommendation!

    Phoebe is so adorable. Do you have any Barrio Chino restaurant recommendations? I’d like to find a good Chinese restaurant.

  4. Holy Yum. I’d love to have a spicy empanada. By the way, Erika made some fabulous homemade ones for dinner tonight: celga, papa y queso, tomate, espinaca y queso and choclo. They were amazing. Someday we should have an empanada party. I really like your voice in your blog these days!

    Hey thanks! Did you buy premade empanada wrappers? The empanadas sound awesome.

  5. You’re making me hungry. Even though I had homemade tortilla soup for dinner.

  6. The empanadas sound heavenly! I’d kill for anything spicy when I’m in Argentina – their version of picante usually doesn’t do it for me. 😉 Try making empanadas at home with green onion and provolone cheese. I found that recipe online and they were so yummy.

    That sounds great! Thanks for the idea.

  7. Nate

    Looks good! Have you found another place for choclo?!

    No–but I’m going to try making vegetarian locro pretty soon. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Here is the recipe I found:

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