Looking Towards Summer

Photo Credit: silkegb

It’s raining today in Buenos Aires, a steady rainfall perfect for grading papers and catching up with favorite blogs. I’m contented, as yesterday afternoon I sat in Parque Las Heras just feeling the sun on my face. It was the first warm day in a long time where I could go without my jacket.

Many of my friends have asked me if my Spanish has improved in Buenos Aires. When I arrived, I had basic reading skills left over from high school Spanish, but not much more. Also, the porteño accent was very alien to me, with the use of “sch” for “ll” and “y.”

My reading and listening abilities are good, but I still need work in speaking. It takes a lot of energy to speak in Spanish all day because I am still at the point where I translate a lot of what I’m saying in my head while I speak. I know that I furrow my brow. This tells me I have a way to go. Linguistically, I can’t explain it, but I also have better speaking days than others. It’s important to me that I speak well because I want to be an authentic city dweller, not a vacationer. 

Last night V. invited us to her vegetable stand because one of our friends, M., had made an Italian lemon meringue with lemons from the shop. We sat on vegetable boxes and chatted while passing around a mate. M.’s beautiful two-year-old gave everyone kisses and nibbled on a giant chocolate alfajore. We periodically had to capture her from leaving the store.

At the end of the night, E. and I helped bring in the boxes of oranges, cabbages, apples, and artichokes in from outside the stand. Before leaving, we planned a group picnic in the park next weekend, as everyone is elated that spring is finally here.

Because of moving here, I missed out on summer last year. Now that it’s spring, I’m ready for some warmth.



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4 responses to “Looking Towards Summer

  1. Here in Mendoza, it has rained four times since January. As for snow – forget about it. This is definitely hard to handle after our average six-month winters in Utah!

    Luckily, today is a cool day. While everyone and their dog are wearing coats outside, we have our windows open, welcoming the breeze inside our home.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah, wasn’t the rain a bit grim today? But yesterday, so beautiful. Your moment at the vegetable stand sounds beautiful too, one of those precious authentic times when you know you are alive and living in Argentina.

    I am sure the sun will shine for your picnic in the park. Enjoy, my friend. SC

    Saturday was so lovely. I can’t wait to walk around in a skirt and tank. 😛

  3. Hola! How are things going? Erika and I want to have dinner with you sometime in the next couple of weeks, maybe meet the hologram husband, try a new vegetarian restaurant. This weekend is busy, but the next one could be perfect. Maybe we’ll get to see you in a skirt too. Looking forward to that. The sun, I mean. Un beso.


  4. Ha, glad I am not the only one who has trouble with the sh sound.
    Standing in a confiteria saying “para llevar” and the guy just looking at me like I am some sort of idiot is not uncommon.
    I will practice much more this time when I am there, honest.

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