I Was the One Worth Leaving

I won’t lie–I got nothing this week. It’s finals time, and I’ve got a long way to go on grading. The last few brain cells are fizzling out. It’s cold and damp in our apartment. I just finished a decent glass of wine and ought to go to bed.

I had to listen to this song before sleeping: The Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.” Have you heard it? No other song makes me as sad and happy at the same time.



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6 responses to “I Was the One Worth Leaving

  1. Good luck on grading! (I know how much fun that can be) 😉 Haven’t heard the song before–thanks for the link.

  2. I hope you zip through your grading so you can move on to more exciting and stimulating activities! Thanks for introducing me to that song – it’s a great tune.

  3. i love your new banner. i’ll miss the penguins….but this has a nice “in the moment” cat feel!

    rest your brain cells when possible. try using a tasty wine and fresh veggie regime.

  4. Mr. E

    I don’t agree.

  5. jill

    i looove that song. i used to start my work outs with it. random, i know since its slow, but, it got me focused before i went all out. too bad i dont work out any more.

    You’re right–that’s a good warmup song, especially the end beats. Hope you guys aren’t too shaken after the earthquake!

  6. It’s a very good song and reminds me of the time I spent in DC.. but i still like Death Cab better 😛
    Nice getting to know your blog.. keep it up!


    Thanks Juan!

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