Things I’ll Miss about Chile

Photo Credit: Matt.Hintsa

It has been six months since we moved to Santiago de Chile. We are moving to Buenos Aires on July 15 again for a short time.

After reading my Some Things I Miss post about expat life, Tee from Adventure Journalist asked what I’ll miss about South America when I return to the United States. While the South America question is a much larger explanation, I’d like to offer some things I’ll miss about life in Chile.


Photo Credit: Mariossh

I’ll miss this dried pepper that adds some smoke and heat to dishes at the last minute. Like the Mexican hot sauce Chalula, merquen was made for topping eggs and potatoes!


Valle del Aparejo

I will miss the accessibility of the mountains. They are absolutely breathtaking. I feel so lucky to have lived here in the wintertime surrounded by the snow covered Andes. This picture was taken outside of Santiago in the Valle del Aparejo.

Chilean Slang

I was resistant to the Chilean accent and slang when we arrived, but recently I became smitten by the melody of the accent. It grew on me. Chileans speak with a lilting cadence using soft endings and a diminished ‘s.’ For example, mas o menos becomes “mah o meno.”

I will miss such words as huevon (dude), po (short for por supesto [of course]),  and Que lata (what a bummer).

Terms of Endearment

Complete strangers  (usually salespeople) call me pretty names such as “Mi Reina” (My Queen) and “Mi Amor” (My Love).




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6 responses to “Things I’ll Miss about Chile

  1. We’ll miss you too. I am sad you’re leaving, but hey, if you’re in Buenos Aires in November I’ll be passing through and I would love to see you again! Good luck on changing countries yet again!

    That’s so sweet. I’ll definitely be connected through your blog. It would be great to visit in B.A. Hope things are going well in your temporary home.

  2. Well you make me want to go to Chile again!

    It will be really interesting to see how you perceive Buenos Aires after being in Chile so long.

    Do you think you’ll be in Buenos Aires past October? I’ll tell you why in an e-mail (no, doesn’t involve my going there) 😉

    I was really hoping you were coming!

  3. I knew this day was coming, and that I wouldn’t be there to see you off, but it’s going to be such a giant bummer when I get back and you guys aren’t there! I hope BsAs turns out to be a great decision, and that you get to get home and see your family and eat some facon and other assorted vegetarian treats while you are there! Buen viaje!

    Same to you. Please consider moving to Buenos Aires. (Just kidding.)

  4. Friends are always the hardest part of leaving any place, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires! Safe travels from Chile to Argentina.

    P.S. Can you smuggle some of that merquen stuff over here? It sounds tasty. lol

    Sure–I will bring you some. 🙂

  5. Wow–can it be six months already?? Have a good trip and enjoy your return. 🙂

    Thank you!

  6. What amazing experiences! Why are you guys in S. America? I’m so curious.

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