Aerial View of the Andes

Mountains with Plane Wing

I grew up on the flat plains of Illinois, so living near the mountains in Santiago was a thrill for me. When I was a young girl, I was drawn to life near sandy beaches for their exoticism, the alien texture of fine sand between my toes and the  menacing sound of waves pulling the rocks back into the sea. When I visited family in San Diego, I had aspirations of settling in southern California and becoming a surfer princess on the weekends.

I can now see myself living near mountains, especially ones covered in snow in the winter. For me, they symbolize a more powerful force, like living below the lair of gods.

Here are some photos of our flight from Santiago to Buenos Aires.

Andes One

It seems like a privilege to be surrounded by such a majestic landscape, even if I couldn’t see this view from my bedroom window each morning.

Andes Two

Now we are back to a horizon of skyscrapers and sparkling city lights dotting the sky. It is lovely too, in its own form.

Which landscape do you find yourself drawn to?



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6 responses to “Aerial View of the Andes

  1. Oh, what a difficult question! Every sort of landscape has its own special charm, but I’d have to say that I most appreciate gently rolling hills with forests and meadows interspersed here and there. That’s what I left behind in Pennsylvania, and I have to say that I really miss being surrounded by trees. I’m extremely fortunate to live just 10 minutes from the ocean – a true blessing – but we always want what we don’t have. 😉 The ocean is beautiful and mysterious though, and being so close to the beach is very special.

    Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. I, too, like its rolling hills.

  2. Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write

    Good question. Also an impossible one. I don’t know, honestly. I’m drawn to everything, all at the same time. Here in Eastern San Diego, I see mountains. When I go into the office, I see ocean. Back home, its rolling green hills and fields of yellow mustard flowers. It’s all beautiful in its own way. I’m one of those people who can’t always recognize the beauty when I’m in it. A shame. Glad to see you can! Love the pics!

    I think we all tend to blur out our surroundings after living in a location for a while.

  3. Gorgeous! The world is such a crazy, beautiful, glorious place.

  4. Sometimes, the landscapes elsewhere hold the most allure for me. Anywhere but here. Alas.

  5. Wow, those are absolutely stunning photos! I didn’t see anything quite so breath-taking out of the airplane window on my travels.

    I loved your report on Paris. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

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