Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires 09

Our time in Buenos Aires is limited, so I’ve decided to capture some of the city’s beautiful graffiti before I reach the point of departure and regret. The air is still pretty chilly but proper walking weather, especially in the early afternoon sun. I took these photos on the way to meet the lovely Tango Goddess (TG) for a vegetarian lunch in Palermo Hollywood.

TG has the inside story on the best restaurants in town. She can also dish delicious secrets on milonga life.

Buenos Aires 09 Close

I figured a half hour walk from our apartment to the restaurant, but I was a little off. I was booking my little ballet flats through Palermo at a record pace. Luckily I was only five minutes late. This photo was taken on the fly.


More on the vegetarian meal (and more graffiti) to come.



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6 responses to “Buenos Aires Street Art

  1. Hello–I don’t mean to be a blog stalker (but since this is the only means of communication)… just want to thank you for your kind comments about my photos (and will swear off more comments like this ;). If I’m back in BsAs in the next year or so, may contact you. Best, Lauren PS–you probably already know, but an amazingly good great veg restaurant in PHollywood is Arevalito (on Arevalo).

    Hi Lauren,

    I welcome blog stalkers. Please stalk my blog! 🙂

    Arevalito is good eats.

    You actually inspired me to take more photos and see the streets differently. Thank you.

  2. Getting a good walk in before a good meal sounds like a good policy to me!

    Thanks for commenting, Jean Ann. I couldn’t resist walking there, but wearing flats was a bad idea. 🙂

  3. That’s a cool idea. It really is art. Hubby and I were actually discussing that the other day.

    I ate vegetarian for a long time. I ate alot more carbs when I did it actually. I like meat, and since I don’t ever eat red meat (not in over 4 years), most of my protein is not much cals anyway.

    I know what you mean about craving bread, MM.

  4. What cool photos! I can’t help but see the potential for a photo shoot of a couple in front of each spot 🙂

    I love that idea.

  5. no fair. Deeeeetails. Where are you headed next? I’m in NY at the moment, headed to PA and then NY again, and then Chile. I showed my cards. Tell me where you’re headed! I need to know where I’m visiting you guys!

  6. Roger

    Love the blog! There’s really some great graffiti in Buenos Aires particularly in Palermo. I came across this great blog about Buenos Aires street art

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