Things to Come

Photo Credit: Dhammza

After reading my last post, my mom was concerned that something was wrong. Things are going well; I can be a melancholy person. Missing old friendships, casualties of moving abroad.

This week I have been visiting V. at her fruit and vegetable stand, drinking mate and chatting. This summer she is studying English, so I’m able to help her with my language. She has one British professor and one American professor at the institute, so we make fun over their fight for her to pronounce English words the “correct” way.

I have some news on a big move coming up but don’t feel ready to share just yet. The move is in a week. Good Lord. I am still looking at our food shelves and trying to create a strategy to use everything up. I’ve done a good job of finishing the oatmeal and Nutella. Couscous? Not so much.



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5 responses to “Things to Come

  1. You can have a couscous party! 🙂

    Let’s see. Couscous, brown rice, and dehydrated soy crumbles. 😀

    If you come I’ll buy some Chianti.

  2. Couscous, definitely. Brown rice? Maybe. Dehydrated soy crumbles? Eh, you lost me. lol 😀

  3. Yes, oatmeal and nutella I could definitely eat all of. In fact, nutella, I might just need a spoon to take care of.

  4. That’s very funny re mom being worried and I can relate….But I guess otherwise she wouldn’t be a mom, right? (PS — I liked your cmt re A Boudain, though my friend had no idea who that is! and I had to show him my book)

    Did you read Kitchen Confidential? That’s a book I could read a second or third time. Good stuff.

  5. Oh my gosh. A big move? But… you just moved! Where are you going this time?

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