Rock Hyrax


We saw these guinea pig-like creatures at Boulders Beach. They were hanging around the penguins and looking generally sour about life. Their true name is rock hyrax, but South Africans call them dassies.

Dassies look like miniature bears, and you can barely resist the urge to grab their nubby little ears.



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6 responses to “Rock Hyrax

  1. Looks like you resisted the urge!

  2. Bless! It does look very grumpy but very cute as well.

  3. They are cute, but I have to admit that they do have a bit of an evil expression! hehe

    By the way, I think you’ve been brainwashed by all the time you spent in South America. I believe you meant to write “South Africans call them dassies.” 😉

    Thanks for the heads-up. Good thing I’m not an editor. 😉

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  5. Kim

    Glad to see that you’re having an amazing time in Cape Town. Did you know that the dassies “closest relative” is the elephant!

  6. Qawi

    Thanks “Still Life” for this photo. I’ve only heard the Rock Hydrax in Biblical references. Now I have not only a photo, but also their disposition “looking sour about life”. 🙂

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