Portuguese Man o’ War

Man o' War

A Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish washed up on the beach in Simon’s Town. Its tentacles are stretched out on the rock below it.



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4 responses to “Portuguese Man o’ War

  1. have you been to see the penguins near boulders beach yet? I know how you love penguins! I think they are African penguins, similar to the magellanics you saw near Punta Arenas. And I have an article coming out soon on penguins, of course.

    Glad you guys are doing well. Take pics of the food!

    We did see them. 🙂 Supposedly, they have renamed them South African penguins because they didn’t like calling them donkey penguins.

    I’m sure I will like your article!

  2. Oh Gosh. I have a lot to catch up on methinks…

    We’re back in BsAs this weeks after 7 weeks in UK during which time I don’t think I’ve read a single blog… was as much as I could do to write three posts of my own!

    What a journey you have been on. Looking forward to reading about it 🙂

    Big hug, SC

    Good to hear from you Sally. I hope that you and C had a great time in the UK.

    Let’s meet up in October.

  3. Oh brilliant. Yes let’s. Email me when you are back.
    Meanwhile, ENJOY! x

  4. We used to have a problem with those when we lived in Bermuda. Nasty little suckers, aren’t they?

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