Table Mountain

Cape Town Cityscape

A must-see attraction for Cape Town visitors is the view from the top of Table Mountain. On a clear day, you can see 360 degrees, the coasts and the city. There are a number of trail options to climb up the mountain; however, we decided to take the cable car to save time.

Table Mountain

Here is a view of Table Mountain from the city.

Cable Car

The cable car was constructed so that the floor rotated all the way around as it rose to the top or descended. It was nice that everyone was given equal views and the opportunity to take photos.

Lions Head

A photo of Lion’s Head mountain (surrounded by clouds) and the cables.


The coast line–most likely Camps Bay area.


Much of the flora is unique to Table Mountain. I liked these flowers in particular because they offered a giant pearl-like bulb in their centers.

Small Flowers

When I first saw these little flowers, I thought that some small child had dropped knit flowers from her sweater. Then I realized that they were actual flowers or a type of lichen. I didn’t manipulate the photo–they were so bright.


The trail was slightly boggywith a lot of moss and lichen. Although the area was called Dassie Way, we were disappointed not to see any dassies.


A view of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront area and the main city center.



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7 responses to “Table Mountain

  1. Absolutely stunning scenery! I can see why it’s a must-see. I love those yellow flowers.

  2. ok. we need to come see this; your pictures are amazing!

  3. Gorgeous photos – looks like a beautiful day to be up there!

  4. Gorgeous! There’s nothing like sitting on top of the world to gain a little perspective.

  5. these photos are just gorgeous, especially the lichen – how naturally beautiful. it really must be such an amazing experience to be there.

    btw, thank you so much for all your kind comments recently! 🙂

    Thanks Leslie!

  6. wow. Just, wow. I want to go! and is it my imagination, or is the air completely clean?! So jealous, though spring is coming, which will clear up our air a little at least. Looks lovely. Is the cable car a big one that fits lots of people, or a two-person kind?

    The air is clean, in my opinion. The cable car is amazing–it can fit 20 people or so. 🙂

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