More Rock Hyrax


In a previous post, I introduced a slightly perturbed rodent named a rock hyrax, more commonly known as a dassie. I’m not sure that the photo truly conveyed the dassie’s character, so here are a few more photos.


The dassie below cast an evil eye upon us.




Filed under Animals, Cape Town, South Africa

4 responses to “More Rock Hyrax

  1. LOL That is one ticked-off rodent.

  2. Yep a little dour–though in my opinion–not as scary as. . . mickey mouse

  3. Mom

    Are they related to a ground hog??

    I don’t know–they look like mini ground hogs, though.

  4. I don’t think he — or she — likes having his – or her – picture taken. You better run!

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