E. found these water flowers in the produce section in Cape Town and suggested that we try them for dinner. I was hesitant since the flowers looked like they had recently been sitting on lily pads, but I stepped up to the challenge.

“Waterblommetjie” in the Africaans language means small water flower. The flowers are traditionally cooked with mutton stew with onion and potatoes. 

Before use, the flowers should be soaked overnight in salt water. I prepared them with potatoes, and they were surprisingly tasty despite their scary, claw-like look. The flavor was similar to green beans–strong and a little course. They would be excellent additions to a hearty stew.



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8 responses to “Waterblommetjie

  1. They almost resemble artichokes. I’m enjoying the posts of all the new things you are seeing and trying in SA! Though I think I’d run a mile if I came across a rock hyrax!

    Ha. No worries. The dassies won’t chase you–they will only stare you down menacingly. 😉

  2. Eileen O'Hara

    What a lovely blog. Could I contact you re: Rio Tropic, where you stayed last year? (my family of 5 will be heading to Igauzu Falls over Christmas, and your hotel seems to fit the bill beyond the larger hotels that have been recommended…). Many thanks.

    I would be happy to provide you some information.

  3. Mom

    That sure looks interesting. You’ve come a long way, baby, though Grandma always tried new foods with you as a child!!
    Love ya

  4. They are beautiful. They look like they could scuttle across the ocean floor.

  5. wow. Vegetarian bravery. good on you, as they say. They look positively frightening, but I guess they’re a succulent? Glad they were tasty enough. You know if they existed in Chile we’d be eating them on a sandwich (stringbean reference intentional!)

    Hope you guys are well!

  6. That looks delish! What else have you been trying- it’s been awhile?

    Are you getting ready for World Cup?

  7. Hey, I stumbled across this post while trying to find a place selling waterblommetjie, can’t find it everywhere anymore.

    I love waterblommetjie, if you head down to South Africa again you must have a lamb potjie with waterblommetjie. Best thing in winter ever !

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