Landscape of Buenos Aires

The landscape of Buenos Aires apartments is one of the characteristics that make the city for me. I have never lived in a city where the apartment buildings and city blocks have had such character. Looking out over the city is akin to watching a bee hive.

For me, it is oddly comforting to know that in each floor of building there are people going about their business, rolling around cars on the floor with their toddlers, dozing in the blue light of their TV screens, screaming at their favorite team during a soccer match, or just sitting quietly on their balconies with some tea, watching other neighbors live their lives.

On every rooftop you find clothes hanging out to dry, people’s most intimate belongings flapping in the wind. Maids sweep dust from one balcony onto the balconies below. There is always noise–the next door neighbor practicing the piano, a baby crying, puppies barking, workers nailing into walls on projects that never seem to end.

In an odd way, it feels safe to be surrounded by so many other people, especially when apartments face directly across from your own. I wonder if my neighbors will notice when we finally leave the hive.



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7 responses to “Landscape of Buenos Aires

  1. Great post-this gives me happy memories of my trip to BA. I really want to visit again soon!

    Thank you!

  2. Are you planning on leaving the hive??

  3. These appartments remind me of when I lived in South Korea. There was always a lot to look at. Similar to NYC in a way.

    Hi Meg! Did you like living in South Korea?

  4. Wonderful post. I still can’t believe we left. For me, there is nothing more profound than to witness the staggering lines of clothes flapping in the wind along the rooftops of clustered old apartment buildings (as seen just outside EZE airport before arriving downtown). Dark stains of humidity creep down the exterior of the buildings, though the pastel hues of worn tablecloths, skirts, and bras add a calm splash color to the horizon. It is the first thing I look for each time I land in Argentina…I find it relaxing to know “I’m home” again. Hard to explain…but I know you understand.

    Beautifully said.

  5. Me again, I just wanted to ask you about whether you think it’s safe to bring a large DSLR Nikon camera with me to Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Montevideo, and Punta del Este? I’ve been advised against it by my boyfriend’s family (who are from Buenos Aires), but the photographer-side of me would just be devastated without it!

    How safe is Buenos Aires in terms of bringing valuable items such as a nice camera?

    Thank you!

    In my opinion, you will be fine with the camera in Iguazu, Montevideo, and Punta del Este as you utilize the common safeguards while walking around. Buenos Aires is more dangerous for theft.

    I did not use my iPod on walks through the city or my personal computer in cafes because they can draw unwanted attention. But I am more paranoid than most.

  6. Carla

    Argentina and Buenos Aires got the best landscapes of south america. The best views of the city are in the Buenos Aires apartments in Palermo
    and las cañitas.



  7. eh eh eh…! I am from Buenos Aires …I agree with Carla …but Palermo or Las Cañitas don´t have the best views.
    If you want some good views you must visit Palacio Barolo or another old building…
    Caballito is another good area for to know when you are in Buenos Aries ;o)

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