A Bookmark in Time

As Tina so eloquently described on her post on the Adriatic coast, songs can be a bookmark in time. Hearing them brings us back to a particular moment in our lives that can’t be replicated. There are two songs in particular that will always remind me of my time in South America.

The first song came out in 2008 and is still being played: “Llamada de Emergencia” (Emergency Call) by the reggaeton artist DaddyYankee. It’s a dance song that lends itself to be blared from moving vehicles. My favorite line is the following: “Tu Tienes La Receta/La Formula Secreta/Para Poner en Ritmo mi Corazon” (You have the recipe/the secret formula/to make my heart beat).

I first heard Eros Rammazzoti’s “Otra Como Tu” (Another Like You) in a taxi ride through Buenos Aires. The taxi driver was singing along and the song captured the moment perfectly. It echoed my sentiments about the city and my heartache over leaving her–there is no other like Buenos Aires. It’s a lovely, melancholy ballad.

What song always takes you back to a particular moment in time?



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7 responses to “A Bookmark in Time

  1. That is a perfect way to describe a song, “a bookmark in time.” I liked the song, too. The video was a little freaky.

    Very dramatic video! 🙂

  2. jill

    wanted to wish you and e a very happy thanksgiving 🙂

  3. Che Boludo

    “Cabron” by Manca de Rolando takes me back to the streets of San Telmo 2007.

  4. Elisa

    Funny you ask, because “Llamada de emergencia” is the song that I’ll always think of as “the Mendoza song.” Just because I heard it so many times in the 5 months I was living in Mendoza last year that when I hear it now, it takes me back immediately.

    It’s nice to know that it is someone else’s song as well! 🙂

  5. Daddee Yankee was in Buenos Aires giving a great concert !!!

  6. Funny, I know exactly what you mean. Bob Geldof’s “Do they know its Christmas” from Live Aid (I know it was from 1984) but it reminds me so much of the month of December during the last 3 years I was in Ireland. I always came home for Christmas so it was takes me back to the days before I would come home and how excited I was!

  7. You’re such a sweetheart- Thanks for your most recent comment! Sure hope you plan on blogging more in this New Year… 😉

    And I hope you had a wonderful holiday, with nothing but happiness and health in store now for 2010!

    Thanks, Hannah. I wish great things for you as well!

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