Year of the Tiger

Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

As for many people, December was a month of family obligations, catching up with old friends, and last minute shopping excursions. I spent the month in the United States–the Midwest–a short respite before our next journey.

While home, I drove for the first time in a year. I had forgotten the freedom of going wherever, whenever. It called to mind the possibilities of road trips in my own country. I experienced a few pristine snowfalls and also remembered what a nightmare it is to drive in snow and ice. In the mornings I drank coffee with my mother while we watched the birds at her birdfeeder. I had never seen so many woodpeckers before–crested, furry, and red headed. There were also titmice, doves, chickadees, and nuthatches, but curiously no cardinals. My parents’ neighborhood is still surrounded by cornfields and blissfully quiet. After time with family and a holiday from work, I feel encouraged and charged for the new year.

What do you have planned for the Year of the Tiger? My forecast states that, “The Snake likes to make slow and steady progress and the Year of the Tiger will find [her] swept along with unexpected developments – [she] need[s] to adapt and keep up the pace.” A tranquil horoscope sign, I am admittedly slow to change and set in my ways. If traveling has taught me anything, it is flexibility. Still learning, though.

With this message, I would like to wish you an excellent new year. I would also like to say hello from Bangkok, Thailand. Hope you will follow me on this part of my journey.



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9 responses to “Year of the Tiger

  1. Happy New Year and glad you made it to Thailand!
    I just got a new job, & am going back to school for some master’s courses – its been a scary change so far. I’m traveling to Belize this month and possibly Tanzania in March.
    I love that zodiac forecast – mine seems pretty accurate so far, though I don’t like that I am a rat! Life is funny how you never know what’s around the corner. Looking forward to reading about Thailand.

    Thanks so much. I look forward to reading about your next adventures. You have a lot going on!

  2. Thailand! Wow, that certainly caught me by surprise! You’ll no doubt have some interesting adventures there in Southeast Asia. Now I have to change the name of your blog in my blog roll…again. 😉

    Happy New Year to you and your media naranja!

    You too, Katie. I hope you enjoyed the holidays with D. and his family.

  3. Tee

    I spoke too soon in email – just found this in my RSS feed. Looking forward to hearing stories from the other side of the world.

  4. jill

    glad you had a nice time in the us! year of the tiger reminded me of rowan’s first and recent trip to the l.a. zoo. the tiger was my favorite animal to watch. he was gorgeous, serious and regal. fyi, the l.a. zoo was surprisingly great. lots of different animals – didn’t really feel like you were in a city.

    anyways, let me know how thailand is. i would love to travel there someday!

  5. Happy New Year! Wow, Thailand! I look forward to reading more about your adventures and seeing your gorgeous photos, as always. Once I saw the link, I couldn’t help but check my own Chinese horoscope (I’m the year of the dog–of course!) and am pleased with the forecast. Here’s to a great 2010 for us both! 🙂

    So jealous–I wish I were the dog. 🙂

  6. Yay!!! Welcome back to the blogosphere! I’ve missed you terribly.

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  8. lrntn

    Good luck on your new adventures ! I hadn’t read this blog in a while and just came back… and see that you’re in Thailand! Been there a few times as a tourist and love it. While I love BsAs, I think there even way more interesting jump off points from Bangkok. Enjoy your stint there.

    Thank you!

  9. So strange to see that you’re from the MidWest. I was home in Indiana for a week. I, too, saw snow. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m eager to go along with you on your Asian journey.

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