Beloved Green Bag

I apologize to the readers whose RSS informed them of a new post and then did not find it when they visited. I didn’t like the post I had scheduled, so I took it down. The post was about the boring topic of paring down one’s wardrobe when traveling. I realized that what I actually wanted to talk about was my beloved green bag.

I had to throw away the green Army shoulder bag mentioned in this post. It had been my magical talisman for two years–I wore it across my chest like a shield, carrying passport copies, bottles of water, coins which inevitably fell to the bottom, and sunscreen. I didn’t feel normal when I didn’t have it with me. After 12 years, the bag had become full of dirt and the fabric was separating at the handles. Though I am known in my family to keep things until they are falling apart, I had to throw the digusting thing away. It had served me so well, but I knew it was time.

During my stay in the U.S. over Christmas, I tried to find a bag of the equivalent size and style–something inconspicuous that wouldn’t call attention to itself while traveling. I didn’t come across it. When we arrived in Bangkok, E. assured me that I would find the right match at the Chatuchak Market, the largest weekend market in the area. The market goes on for blocks, and vendors sell anything from live animals to tourist trinkets.

That is where I found ‘son of green bag.’

My only complaint is that it isn’t large enough to hold my camera. However, it holds a good amount and is low profile. I am pretty happy with it. And I’ll overlook the fact that one zipper fell off for no reason.



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7 responses to “Beloved Green Bag

  1. Isn’t it funny how we can develop such an emotional attachment to bags, articles of clothing, etc.?

    I’m glad you found a replacement in “son of green bag” (that made me chuckle, by the way). May he serve you faithfully for many years!

    Thanks, Katie. I hope he stays with me for at least a year!

  2. You’re headless in the photos…. Ok, I’m just picking on you. But I am a little afraid I won’t recognize you anymore without your Army shoulder bag. Good thing you put a picture of the new bag. I have an old bag I should retire, but I just can’t make myself do it yet. In another year or two… it might be so ancient it’s actually worth something. Ciao amiga mia!

  3. wispy strap alert! must have a bigger strap.

    Have I been living in Santiago too long? I also have a bag problem. I would inventory them for you but you would go blind trying to read it all.

    More Thailand stories please!

  4. Trying to find the perfect travel bag is so hard. My search ended fruitlessly and I just gave all my stuff to my husband’s large cargo pockets. And then I found the perfect camera bag, so now that also serves as a purse!

    I love your husband’s pockets idea. 🙂

  5. Mom

    Your old bag reminded me of the backpacks you used to carry in grade school. They were almost bigger than you. I still owe you pics of the black bag I bought!!

  6. Thanks for your review! I’m a sucker for all of these “green” products- It’s hard to sift through and figure out what’s really worthwhile. (and these bags are pretty cute, too!)

  7. Qawi

    LOL! I’m sure Linus (from Peanuts) couldn’t have written a better testament to his talisman…I mean blanket. Son of Green Bag will take some getting used to I’m sure.

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