Pattaya, Thailand

E. and I took a spur-of-the-moment Valentine’s weekend trip to Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is a beach resort town on the Gulf of Thailand, a hour and a half from Bangkok.

We spent the day relaxing in beach chairs with water and shade.

Enterprising vendors walked through the beach chairs selling fried soft shell crabs and spring rolls, donuts, cold beverages, and grilled fish. People were even offering to give massages, manicures, pedicures, and hand drawn tattoos. Massage and salon treatments are a large part of the Thai culture. 

After a day in the sun we stopped inside a mall to cool down and found a fish massage parlor. Some massage shops offer giant aquariums where you immerse your legs and garra rufa, or ‘doctor fish’, give you a massage by taking the dead skin off your feet and legs. Our feet actually felt softer afterwards.

Sounds strange, I know.

Do you think you would have a fish massage?



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11 responses to “Pattaya, Thailand

  1. I’ve read about the fish massage… I’m not sure what I think about them.

    I swear… your life is like a fairy tale. I hope you realize how ridiculously cool your life is, because it’s pretty much my dream. Oh, hubby and I just took a spur of the moment vday trip to THAILAND… No big deal…

    I bet they have fish massage in San Diego! 🙂

    I have a tendency to write about all of my favorite things, but there are a lot of difficult things as well about living abroad. I try to avoid the trap of negativity since it is a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Cool… can we teach indie to do that? I’d do a fish massage for sure. Roma’s coming over today for her summer holiday. It’s Colonia del San Telmo. Miss you guys!

    I’m laughing just trying to picture a cat massage. Being a cat owner, I thought you’d understand that cats only get massages–they don’t give! And especially la Romita. Maybe Indie… 😀

  3. That is wild! I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of a fish massage, but I’d give it a whirl. May I ask how much a treatment like that costs? I’m guessing that if massages and beauty treatments are an important part of the culture that the prices are fairly accessible for most people.

    I think the average price is probably five U.S. dollars for a half an hour. You can’t ask for cheaper workers, right?

  4. Marge J

    WOW! With my dry skin, I could use a whole body massage. It seems like it would tickle tho. Glad you’re enjoying your adventure. Hope there aren’t too many negative things for you to endure.

    Love, Aunt Marge

    I did laugh the first three minutes. 😀

  5. Nuestras playas aqui son de pequenas piedras. Pero veo que alli son de arena!

    Sobre el masaje, hmmmm es extrano , creo a mi de daria cosquillas he,he.. Pero si porque no?!

  6. I love that you added a picture, when I first read you had a massage, a fish massage…. I was wondering… Good thing a picture says a million words. I LOVE IT!! Since being back in the US for a month, I’ve been having little love affairs with the American Culture. It’s been hard to think about going back, I know what you mean about having to focus on the really cool and good things. I do love being in the US… sigh…

  7. Sure! just not on my face.

    Your comment made me laugh out loud. We wondered if they allowed people to submerge themselves, but I don’t think I’d want a head massage!

  8. Looks stunning. And clearly, you had better weather than I did in Florida! Sorry but I couldn’t even imagine having a “fish massage” (though I commend you both for doing so). Maybe it’s because my sister was once bitter by a baby barracuda while frolicking in the ocean (lost a chunk of toe), but it gives me the creeps!

    Oh my goodness. A baby barracuda! Thank goodness it wasn’t an adult!

  9. wow thailand is so beautifuL! i wish i could go there! my mom is from vietnam so i’ve been to SE asia a few times, yet have never had the chance to go to thailand. you have a great blog!

    Thank you, Stef!

  10. What a shame to see all those horrible deckchairs and mouldy unbrellas on Pattaya Beach. I can’t understand why the authorities there don’t make a little effort to change things like that, it would make such a difference!

  11. I’ve heard about fish foot massages and am very curious–must be a very odd sensation! I’ve heard that they are really catching on in the States these days… no sign of anything like it in Chile yet though!

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