Red Cross Snake Farm

The Thai Red Cross  in Bangkok has a snake farm on its premises in order to educate the public, develop anti-venom to treat snake bitten patients, and promote the use of snakes to assist farmers with their crops. The exhibit includes an indoor aquarium, outdoor holding spaces, and a snake show. The location is also called the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute.

The handler above is holding a copperhead rat snake.

Below is a copperhead in an outdoor area. It was the best shot I could get of any of the snakes outside or inside. My camera isn’t very good for action shots or pictures taken in quick succession.

This handler was holding a Thai mangrove snake.

You can see a small cobra below. The man in the boots wasn’t taking the cobra very seriously.

Here is the star–the king cobra, really angry.

This handler was tough. The king cobra was on the ground and the handler calmly grabbed the snake by the back of the head.

Below is a banded krait. After visiting the snake farm, I wouldn’t mind owning a pet snake. I got the chance to hold a python and kind of fell in love.

At the time of this post, visitors can see a venom extraction at 11:30 a.m. and the snake handlers at 2:30 p.m. The host is entertaining and presents in English and Thai.

The location is at the corner of Henri Dunant Road and Rama IV Road not too far from the Silom MRT station. It is walkable from Sala Daeng BTS station.



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17 responses to “Red Cross Snake Farm

  1. will you please adopt me so i can travel with you? or hire me as your camera toter or something???

  2. What’s up with you guys and all the animals? I think you’re right… time for a pet. But a snake? Hmmmmm…. can’t bark to keep out burglars, can’t snuggle up with you under the covers in the winter to keep you warm, can’t cook nice meals for you (that’s called the boyfriend pet). But, if you can teach it to ride around on your shoulders, you could get a bike and put a bucket on front instead of a basket and ask for tips…. I’d tip you.

  3. Ay, no se. Viendolas de cerca me dan un poco de miedo. Siempre eh tenido terror de las viboras. Pero parece un buen programa de la Cruz Roja, especialmente con estas viboras venenosas. Bravo a ti por estar tan cerca de una python!

  4. Mom

    Owning a snake?? Really?

  5. awesome. oh, and i just used a cobra metaphor in a new story…wanna read?

    Sure–I’d love to.

  6. Aunt Debbie

    I’ve got pictures of you (5 years old or so) with a live boa constrictor. You can thank me for your ophiophilist ways.

  7. good gosh! there is nothing i hate more in this world than snakes…and this post just makes me nervous. i still can’t believe YOU ARE IN ASIA!!! just a few months ago we were all living the high life – or still life – in argentina. thanks for such kind words on our blog. i hope to make it to nepal this summer on a humanitarian trip – first time to asia. best wishes!

    It sounds like you are keeping very busy back in the U.S. I can’t wait to see your thoughts on Nepal. I’ve never been.

    Take care.

  8. All eyes on the poisonous snakes!

  9. Okay, now I have the creeps! You are far, far, FAR braver than I. Gulp!

  10. I feel like anyone who is scared of snakes should be forced to go to the snake farm with you and be treated to a lovely session of immersion therapy 🙂

    I have a feeling you are not afraid of snakes! 🙂

  11. omg i do NOT do snakes! yikes!! you’re brave to even take the pics lol

  12. ooh i hope you come to berkeley soon!!!

  13. WHAT??? You want to own a snake now. Just looking at your pictures gave me the heebie jeebies. You are much braver than I am.

  14. Wow, you’re amazing! I don’t think I’d ever be able to compose myself around snakes. 😉

  15. I love snakes! I used to play with the copper bellies (not dangerous) in the woods when I was little.
    I see you’re on to more adventures – so exciting!

    Thanks. I’m glad someone else likes snakes as much as I do. Glad to see you around. 🙂

  16. hmm, I think this is a better you than me moment. Glad you had a good time, but I liked the pics of the eggplants a bit better! tastier anyway, I imagine. Hope you guys are well!

  17. uuuu! qué nervio! Man would all those snakes creep me out! I would definitely go, but shuddering and squirming all the way!

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