San Francisco

Photo Credit: di_the_huntress

It’s been a while. Long enough that it’s a little awkward writing again, but it’s time to return here. Hello whoever’s still out there.

So where do I start after this long silence? We lived in Toronto, Canada, for a month before the G20 conference–subletted from an eccentric divorcee who left her cat with us for a week. He ate the houseplants to be naughty and climbed into the walls of the apartment, making a terrifying racket.

I stayed in central Illinois for some of June and July and helped my mom weed her garden and pick green beans. Now we’re in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world. I was surprised to find that there really is no summer here. The temperature feels like a midwestern autumn.

We’re not in Southeast Asia anymore and won’t return for a while. You’ve probably guessed that it’s time for another blog renovation. The Buddhas have to go.

I’ve been putting off work tonight, participating in the ever-dangerous practice of scouring YouTube for songs from my past. Dredging up memories. Each time I live somewhere new, part of my past is unearthed and brought to the surface like digging up bones. Sometimes it’s family; sometimes it’s friends who I’ll never hear from again. People I think about but never write. And I think of sending e-mails, but no.



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11 responses to “San Francisco

  1. Hola mi amiga! Eh estado pensando en ti. Me da gusto que estes escribiendo de nuevo. Espero leer de tus aventuras con mucho gusto.

    Welcome back my friend!


    Hola mi amiga!

    Gracias por tu mensaje. Espero que todo este muy bien para ti.

    Abrazo grande!!

  2. I love San Francisco too, and I hope it’s a place where you can settle down for a bit and collect your thoughts and bearings. Un abrazo.

  3. jill

    how long will you be in sf? must see you and e!

  4. Just happened to click on your blog today, filed under my “travel” folder….Welcome back. Must be a huge change. I’m of course so curious to know about your peripatetic life, but will just use my imagination 😉 Best wishes

  5. stick with the city for a few more months, and hopefully you should see me darken your door around late Nov (thanksgiving should move to the west coast this year for the Smith family wanderers). Hope you are well and enjoying living in your country, even if not on your coast! (Assuming that the east coast is yours for how long you lived there). Hi to E!

    “Darken your door” sounds kind of ominous. 😉 Will you come bearing merquen?!?

  6. hey purdy lady!!!

    We’re in Seattle for a month- could you come up??? I’ve missed reading your wonderful adventures- welcome back!!!

    Speaking of adventures: I can’t compare to your photolog!

  7. you’re back!!!! soooo looking forward to the sf adventures….

  8. Yay! San Francisco. I’ve only been there for about a day and a half, so now I’ve got to go back. I loved it. If I moved back to the States I think there are 3 cities I’d consider: SF, NY, and New Orleans.

    Miss you, my friend!

  9. I love San Francisco!

    I will always think of Buenos Aires when I think of you though, since that’s where I met you… 😉

  10. San Fran sounds great–you’ve dredged up MY memories with this post (and my long-ago visit there–how well I remember the cool winds!). Hope you are doing well and having a good time–and have learned to love the city. Looking forward, as always, to reading more from you. 🙂

  11. SO great to hear from you! I missed your whole life in Southeast Asia, a place near and dear to my heart. I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts. (I’ve been writing a cookbook for the better part of this year.) Love your banner photo. xox

    It’s great to receive your updates by e-mail each month or two. It sounds like you’ve been doing some traveling too! 🙂

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