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Aerial View of the Andes

Mountains with Plane Wing

I grew up on the flat plains of Illinois, so living near the mountains in Santiago was a thrill for me. When I was a young girl, I was drawn to life near sandy beaches for their exoticism, the alien texture of fine sand between my toes and the  menacing sound of waves pulling the rocks back into the sea. When I visited family in San Diego, I had aspirations of settling in southern California and becoming a surfer princess on the weekends.

I can now see myself living near mountains, especially ones covered in snow in the winter. For me, they symbolize a more powerful force, like living below the lair of gods.

Here are some photos of our flight from Santiago to Buenos Aires.

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Crossing the Andes


E. and I elected to take a bus from Mendoza, Argentina, to Santiago de Chile. Overall, we were happy that we took the bus over a plane because it was a clear, mild day and we had beautiful views.

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Visiting Mendoza

Our epicurean friends J. and N. from Washington, DC, recently visited. We suggested a trip to Mendoza since we knew they’d enjoy a weekend of wine tasting with the backdrop of the Andes. As fans of Malbec, we had also wanted to visit for a while. The four of us took the autobus Andesmar in cama suite class. Andesmar’s service was excellent.

Our trip was very enjoyable thanks to Emir, the owner of Bohemia Boutique Hotel in Mendoza city. Emir and his staff ensured that we were comfortable and occupied all weekend. For those with basic Spanish skills, Emir speaks both English and Spanish fluently.


We recommend staying in the year-old hotel, which offers affordable and stylish lodging. It’s also two blocks away from a strip of restaurants and bars and two blocks from the city park.

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