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Red Cross Snake Farm

The Thai Red Cross  in Bangkok has a snake farm on its premises in order to educate the public, develop anti-venom to treat snake bitten patients, and promote the use of snakes to assist farmers with their crops. The exhibit includes an indoor aquarium, outdoor holding spaces, and a snake show. The location is also called the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute.

The handler above is holding a copperhead rat snake.

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Cats of Wat Pho


A wat is a Buddhist temple. You may have heard of the famous Cambodian Angkor Wat. Wat Pho is known in Bangkok for housing the reclining Buddha–one of the largest Buddhas in the world. A tranquil temple seemed like a reasonable place to find a lot of tranquil cats.

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More Rock Hyrax


In a previous post, I introduced a slightly perturbed rodent named a rock hyrax, more commonly known as a dassie. I’m not sure that the photo truly conveyed the dassie’s character, so here are a few more photos.

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Montevideo, Uruguay


I love Montevideo. It’s a smaller, more humble version of Buenos Aires. Bus drivers wave you by rather than speed up to hit you. Stores close on Sundays, and people walk around with giant thermoses and mate gourds to pass the time. We’ve been there twice, and both times we’ve sat back and said, “We could live here; yeah, it would be really nice.” The city borders Rio de la Plata, so it has a serene feel to it.

From Buenos Aires, Buquebus is the easiest way to arrive. You’ll either arrive at Tres Cruces station by bus or at the port by ferry. If you want to go downtown from the bus station, you can either walk (it’s a hefty journey but doable on a nice day), or you can take city bus 188. Exact change is not needed, thank goodness.

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