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Still Life Year in Review – 2009

I started this blog in February 2008 in order to journal our travels to South America and keep in touch with family. I had never considered blogging before, but it seemed like the right circumstance to start. In December 2008, we left Buenos Aires for a new excursion, one that kaleidoscoped into other side trips. To start the new year, I thought I would catalogue our 2009 locations.

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A Bookmark in Time

As Tina so eloquently described on her post on the Adriatic coast, songs can be a bookmark in time. Hearing them brings us back to a particular moment in our lives that can’t be replicated. There are two songs in particular that will always remind me of my time in South America.

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Landscape of Buenos Aires

The landscape of Buenos Aires apartments is one of the characteristics that make the city for me. I have never lived in a city where the apartment buildings and city blocks have had such character. Looking out over the city is akin to watching a bee hive.

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Things to Come

Photo Credit: Dhammza

After reading my last post, my mom was concerned that something was wrong. Things are going well; I can be a melancholy person. Missing old friendships, casualties of moving abroad.

This week I have been visiting V. at her fruit and vegetable stand, drinking mate and chatting. This summer she is studying English, so I’m able to help her with my language. She has one British professor and one American professor at the institute, so we make fun over their fight for her to pronounce English words the “correct” way.

I have some news on a big move coming up but don’t feel ready to share just yet. The move is in a week. Good Lord. I am still looking at our food shelves and trying to create a strategy to use everything up. I’ve done a good job of finishing the oatmeal and Nutella. Couscous? Not so much.


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Tango Through My Eyes

Photo Credit: Libertinus

I have been incubating this post for a while. Whenever I tried to express my feelings about tango in a blog entry, I felt that my descriptions were inadequate. I had to leave Buenos Aires and return in order to distance myself and see the situation clearly.

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Buenos Aires Verde


The Tango Goddess suggested that we meet at Buenos Aires Verde for lunch last week. It’s a sweet little organic cafe that opened after we left in December.

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Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires 09

Our time in Buenos Aires is limited, so I’ve decided to capture some of the city’s beautiful graffiti before I reach the point of departure and regret. The air is still pretty chilly but proper walking weather, especially in the early afternoon sun. I took these photos on the way to meet the lovely Tango Goddess (TG) for a vegetarian lunch in Palermo Hollywood.

TG has the inside story on the best restaurants in town. She can also dish delicious secrets on milonga life.

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