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Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires 09

Our time in Buenos Aires is limited, so I’ve decided to capture some of the city’s beautiful graffiti before I reach the point of departure and regret. The air is still pretty chilly but proper walking weather, especially in the early afternoon sun. I took these photos on the way to meet the lovely Tango Goddess (TG) for a vegetarian lunch in Palermo Hollywood.

TG has the inside story on the best restaurants in town. She can also dish delicious secrets on milonga life.

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Airport Sculpture, Santiago


This was a sculpture in the Santiago airport. I liked its whimsy and use of color.


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Seeing Córdoba

Photo Credit: nyluke

The cathedral at Plaza San Martín is the jewel of Córdoba, Argentina. On a Sunday morning, E. and I quietly entered the cathedral and listened to mass. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a religious person, it would be a treat to listen to mass in this spectacular building and feel like a part of its history.

Interior of Córdoba Cathedral

Interior of Córdoba Cathedral

Photo Credit: Alicia Nijdam

The Jesuit churches are the city’s main tourist attractions. They are located, for the most part, near the Plaza San Martín. The crypt “Cripta Jesuítica” is worth a visit, although you won’t see any bones.

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