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Sirop Restaurant

Sirop Restaurant Logo

Some expat friends and I met in Recoleta to chat over lunch last week. We stumbled into Sirop Restaurant at Vicente Lopez 1661. It is a lovely bistro, and I highly recommend grabbing a bite or enjoying a dessert there.

Pastries appear to be Sirop’s specialty. For an appetizer, my friends and I shared a plate of mini amuses–hot dates stuffed with manchego, green olives centrally nestled in buttery, hot pastry, and mini basil pizzas.

The menu was varied for meat and non-meat eaters. I ordered eggplant- and ricotta-filled raviolis with a sauce of butter, giant capers, and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious, and just the right portion for lunch. The pasta was fresh and al dente. The capers were warm with briny flavor. 

My friend R. let me try a bite of her goat cheese and tomato quiche and it tasted perfectly Parisian. The crust was sublime–flaky and buttery. I am certain to order the quiche next time. (A note for the menu–Argentines call a quiche “tarta.”) Everyone shared a decadent slice of dulce de leche and chocolate ganache for dessert, concluding our conversations with cafe con leche.

The ambiance was quaint and warm. Sirop’s seats are sea foam green, banquette style, and the walls are pastel pinks and oranges. The French first lady, Carla Bruni, sang romantic ballads as a background to our conversation.

While the cost is higher than I would usually pay during the work week, I consider the offerings, tastes, and surroundings well worth it. Sirop calls itself a “Resto, Tea Corner, and Pasteleria.”

Recoleta – 4813-5900


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