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Beloved Green Bag

I apologize to the readers whose RSS informed them of a new post and then did not find it when they visited. I didn’t like the post I had scheduled, so I took it down. The post was about the boring topic of paring down one’s wardrobe when traveling. I realized that what I actually wanted to talk about was my beloved green bag.

I had to throw away the green Army shoulder bag mentioned in this post. It had been my magical talisman for two years–I wore it across my chest like a shield, carrying passport copies, bottles of water, coins which inevitably fell to the bottom, and sunscreen. I didn’t feel normal when I didn’t have it with me. After 12 years, the bag had become full of dirt and the fabric was separating at the handles. Though I am known in my family to keep things until they are falling apart, I had to throw the digusting thing away. It had served me so well, but I knew it was time.

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