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Landscape of Buenos Aires

The landscape of Buenos Aires apartments is one of the characteristics that make the city for me. I have never lived in a city where the apartment buildings and city blocks have had such character. Looking out over the city is akin to watching a bee hive.

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Lovely Aspects of Buenos Aires

E. and I have lived here for almost eight months now. This city has a magical aspect; I told a friend tonight that I’ve never heard a person say, “Don’t move to Buenos Aires–you’ll regret it!” Most people who have visited or lived here have also succumbed to its charms.

Perhaps it is always this way when living in all cities: there are days I love it here and days I detest it. Residents often say that there is no purgatory here–it’s either heaven or hell.

Inspired by J’s lists on Water and Soul, here are some things I love:

  • Coffee usually includes a little glass of sparkling water and a cookie.
  • Water is served in wine glasses. Every meal is a special occasion.
  • Dogs are everywhere, and they all seem to get along.
  • Piropos, or compliments on the street, are commonplace for women of all ages. “Hey Beautiful!”
  • People don’t yell at you if you squeeze yourself into the last free inch of the subway.
  • The laid back response to adversity. Go with the flow. Queue up and wait your turn.
  • The waiters’ and waitresses’ no-rush attitude toward their tables. The objective is to enjoy the food and company.
  • Passion for futbol.
  • A kiss on the cheek for hello.

What are (or were) some of your favorite aspects?


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