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Table Mountain

Cape Town Cityscape

A must-see attraction for Cape Town visitors is the view from the top of Table Mountain. On a clear day, you can see 360 degrees, the coasts and the city. There are a number of trail options to climb up the mountain; however, we decided to take the cable car to save time.

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Reserva Nacional Río Clarillo

Rio Clarillo 1

Our last hike in Chile was in the Reserva Nacional Río Clarillo, about an hour outside Santiago next to the town of Pirque. The day was bittersweet for me. We are leaving these friends and the spectacular mountains.

Rio Clarillo 2

The weather forecast called for rain, but we only had a few sprinkles throughout the eight hour walk. It was a refreshing day–the air was just a little too cold to stop for very long. But that makes the best walking conditions.

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Cerro El Roble | The Oak Hill

Top View

It’s becoming Fall here! So strange to be writing about Fall foods like casseroles and chilly weather when so many of you are breaking out your skirts and t-shirts.

I went on another hike last weekend–this one on Cerro El Roble–The Oak Hill–and located in La Campana National Park about an hour and a half outside of Santiago on route five near Til Til. The forest was full of bright orange and deep red leaves.

This is the view from the top.

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Parque Nacional El Morado


I had a low week last week. I’m not normally a superstitious person, and I don’t think horoscopes are credible, but I felt like my cosmic mojo was all off. Perhaps the moon was in the second sun and Jupiter wasn’t aligned with Mars. All I wanted to do was surf the net with a hot cup of instant coffee in my hand. (Alas, we have no coffee machine in our apartment.)

Last Thursday night I decided to watch the movie Yes Man despite my usual reluctance about Jim Carrey.

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Parque Mahuida


On Easter Sunday, Eileen of bearshapedsphere accompanied E. and I on an urban adventure. We hiked in the foothills outside of the La Reina section of Santiago. The park is called Parque Mahuida, and you can take a city bus to its entrance. I was so happy to be able to arrive at a hike without a car. It’s also a great feeling that the park is accessible to so many different people. 

Our trail was quiet because of the holiday. The cacti started appearing a couple hours up. They always seem like lonely sentinels to me.


The hike up wasn’t strenous–uphill but not too steep–but the walk down was difficult. Very loose and gravelly. Grabbing thorny bushes during the descent–not so smart. I am still sporting several bruises from when the trail took me down. This sign is fitting:


Take a look at Eileen’s beautiful photos of the day. She took a photo of a giant purple winged bug dragging a spider into his den. She also took a photo of a snake which she saved me from walking into. Thanks again!


On a different note, Diann at Eat’n Veg’n inspired me to take a photo of a dinner I made the other night. She is always sharing her meal ideas and food experiments on the site. I admire that her writer’s voice is always positive and inquisitive.

I’ve been in the mood for a black bean burger and sweet potato fries, so I did a take on an Epicurious.com recipe. Recipe after the jump.

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Parque Torres Del Paine, Chile

Torres Del Paine 8

Our main objective for visiting Patagonia was to hike the “W” trail at Parque Torres del Paine outside of Puerto Natales, Chile. We had incredible luck because it was sunny and dry almost our entire four-day hike. Many hikers are inundated with water through the trek and camping. I spoke to a girl who visited over Christmas, and the area was rainy and enshrouded with clouds the entire hike. She didn’t see anything.

The lakes, glacier, and towers of the park are astounding. The area is a UNESCO site. The mountains and land remind me of the south island of New Zealand.

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Puerto Natales, Chile


In order to get to the Parque Torres del Paine in southern Chile, it’s necessary to go to the town of Puerto Natales first. The park is about 2.5 hours away from town. Hostels can arrange drop off and pick up if you will be spending several days in the park. For those interested in day trips, bus companies can take you for short hikes and photos.


When E. and I decided to walk around town, we had two canine escorts hoping to get a handout.

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