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Top Ten Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Tango Dancers at Confiteria Ideal

Photo Credit: Gerrysan

Have a week to spend in Buenos Aires? Here are my top ten things to do here.

  • Enjoy cafe con leche with a medialuna outside a cafe and people watch.
  • Walk alongside Puerto Madero.
  • Watch tango at a milonga such as Confiteria Ideal. (Request a table in the back to respect the dancers.)
  • Go downtown: Visit the Plaza San Martin, Obelisk, Plaza de Mayo, and the Casa Rosada. This is a perfect walking day.
  • See Evita’s grave and beautiful mausoleums at Recoleta Cemetary.
  • Visit la Boca neighborhood. (Stick to the main tourist streets.)
  • Peruse the San Telmo Street Fair on a Sunday morning.
  • Take a colectivo to Feria de Mataderos on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Visit the cats in Parque Carlos Thays near the Jardin Zoologico.
  • Shop at the boutiques in Palermo Viejo and stop by Plaza Serrano on a weekend.

If you have time to leave Buenos Aires for a day during your visit, take the Buquebus to Colonia, Uruguay, or day trip to the town of Tigre using a commuter train from Retiro. Both trips are an hour away and worth the time.



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Secret Lives of Dogwalkers

Recoleta Cemetary Statue


This is a statue from the Recoleta cemetary. The girl and her dog would be apropos for my gravestone. That is…when I get a dog. It’s also apropos since this city loves dogs so much. I think we must live next to the premier dog lovers’ park. The dog walkers bring their herds of dogs and tie them to the trees across from each other in the morning. Dogs bark back and forth while their owners drink mate (like South American green tea) and chat with each other.

Friday morning I left our apartment building to see, well, let’s just say canine sexual advances between many of the herd. Living around the dog life can be heartwarming and can drive me friggin bananas.

Sometimes I feel like Veruca Salt in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “But daddy–why can’t I ‘ave a dog? I wont one daddy! She’s got one. I wont one too!”

Sometimes I want to round up and steal away with all of the dogs to be spayed or neutered. I am horrified at the lack of animal control here. Especially in the midst of amorous canine love.

Before arriving, I joked about becoming a dog walker to make some extra money. I’ll be the first to admit that I would be too weak. I’ve seen women holding the leash of 15 (big) dogs. It’s not for the feint of heart.

I’m still trying to catch the dogwalkers (aka dogherders) in a picture, but they’re often out in the morning. I am just too blurry eyed to get out my camera.

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