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A Bookmark in Time

As Tina so eloquently described on her post on the Adriatic coast, songs can be a bookmark in time. Hearing them brings us back to a particular moment in our lives that can’t be replicated. There are two songs in particular that will always remind me of my time in South America.

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Finding a Voice

The beagle continues to bellow from a lower apartment in the courtyard. He is learning his voice, E. says. We see him bay out in fear of moving leaves and shadows in the evening. He cries in the morning, his voice breaking at the last minute. He turns around to see if he is chastised by his owner, but no one ever comes to his side. He bays out when he hears other dogs and raises his head expectantly.

Amazingly, I can see stars from our balcony, and a planet shines bright. Mercury?


I am homesick tonight. This ebbs and flows. It’s nothing I can put my finger on.

My neighbors put on a reggaeton disc and crank the volume in the early morning sky.  


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