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Traveling to Iguazú










To get to Iguazú, we took a bus (linea Rio Uruguay) and tried out the “cama suite.” This is a cushy, reclineable seat that turns into a bed at night. It was super comfortable, but the bus goes from side to side at night on the road. If you are a light sleeper, you’ll wake. The “cama suite service” was nice. The waitress served hot meals with salads and wine or beer. The trip by bus was 16 hours, overnight.

We stayed at the Rio Tropic hotel about 5 minutes outside of town. Though it’s outside of town, this location has advantages. If you like a more tranquil atmosphere, it’s down a quaint dirt road. The accommodations are a year old and super clean.

There is a swimming pool and free Internet (shared laptop). The breakfast is freshly squeezed orange juice, cafe con leche, yogurt, facturas (danish), and medialunas. The owner speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Rio Tropic is a ten minute walk from the bus stop to the waterfalls.

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