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San Francisco

Photo Credit: di_the_huntress

It’s been a while. Long enough that it’s a little awkward writing again, but it’s time to return here. Hello whoever’s still out there.

So where do I start after this long silence? We lived in Toronto, Canada, for a month before the G20 conference–subletted from an eccentric divorcee who left her cat with us for a week. He ate the houseplants to be naughty and climbed into the walls of the apartment, making a terrifying racket.

I stayed in central Illinois for some of June and July and helped my mom weed her garden and pick green beans. Now we’re in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world. I was surprised to find that there really is no summer here. The temperature feels like a midwestern autumn.

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Mereces Ser Feliz

Mereces Ser Feliz–You deserve to be happy.

I love Shakira’s song “Dia de Enero.” I can’t get it out of my head recently, so I might as well share it. It’s her love song to Argentine Antonio de la Rua (from from the album Fijacion Oral Vol. 1.) It’s a song about healing a long distance love’s wounds. (“My crazy love is your best doctor.”)

If you haven’t seen my friend Ricki’s new blog, take a look and enter her contest.


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