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Angkor Wat and Siem Reap

Before we left Southeast Asia, we stopped at a few countries to take advantage of being in the area. Cambodia was a country that, beforehand, I was convinced that I would never see. I just never “saw” myself there. The World Heritage site at Siem Reap was a beautiful place to visit. The city itself is unremarkable, but Angkor Wat and its surrounding ruins are stunning and well preserved for the most part.

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Red Cross Snake Farm

The Thai Red Cross  in Bangkok has a snake farm on its premises in order to educate the public, develop anti-venom to treat snake bitten patients, and promote the use of snakes to assist farmers with their crops. The exhibit includes an indoor aquarium, outdoor holding spaces, and a snake show. The location is also called the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute.

The handler above is holding a copperhead rat snake.

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Wat Pho

Photos of Wat Pho (a temple) in Bangkok, Thailand, known for housing one of the world’s largest Buddhas. See more photos of the wat here.


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Beloved Green Bag

I apologize to the readers whose RSS informed them of a new post and then did not find it when they visited. I didn’t like the post I had scheduled, so I took it down. The post was about the boring topic of paring down one’s wardrobe when traveling. I realized that what I actually wanted to talk about was my beloved green bag.

I had to throw away the green Army shoulder bag mentioned in this post. It had been my magical talisman for two years–I wore it across my chest like a shield, carrying passport copies, bottles of water, coins which inevitably fell to the bottom, and sunscreen. I didn’t feel normal when I didn’t have it with me. After 12 years, the bag had become full of dirt and the fabric was separating at the handles. Though I am known in my family to keep things until they are falling apart, I had to throw the digusting thing away. It had served me so well, but I knew it was time.

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Cats of Wat Pho


A wat is a Buddhist temple. You may have heard of the famous Cambodian Angkor Wat. Wat Pho is known in Bangkok for housing the reclining Buddha–one of the largest Buddhas in the world. A tranquil temple seemed like a reasonable place to find a lot of tranquil cats.

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First Impressions: Bangkok, Thailand

In his collection of essays entitled The Nasty Bits, Anthony Bourdain discussed his Platonic ideal of fast food–his preference over the Chicken McNuggets and Whoppers that most Americans turn to when they want dinner fast. To him, fast food is street food served by vendors around the world. Walking the streets of Bangkok, I can see what he is talking about. You can’t walk down a city block without seeing a vendor roasting skewers of chicken or slicing up fresh pieces of pineapple and papaya. If people have to eat fast food, Bourdain (and I) would rather this be it–unprocessed, freshly made (sometimes), and independently produced.

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Still Life Year in Review – 2009

I started this blog in February 2008 in order to journal our travels to South America and keep in touch with family. I had never considered blogging before, but it seemed like the right circumstance to start. In December 2008, we left Buenos Aires for a new excursion, one that kaleidoscoped into other side trips. To start the new year, I thought I would catalogue our 2009 locations.

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