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Enrolling at University of Buenos Aires

Photo Credit: Mahadeva

I have been very satisfied with the three classes I’ve taken at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), if you are interested in taking spanish classes in BA. If you are self motivated and speak up in class, you should do well. I consider the price to be reasonable, especially because the price lowers for returning students. Eight week or sixteen week classes are offered.

On the day of registration, when you arrive, queue up in a long line starting in the entryway. A professor will give you a form to fill out and send you into a larger room to your right to take a placement test. There is a cafeteria there if you want an espresso or cafe con leche. After you finish the test, you can give it to the instructors at the center table, and one of them will grade the exam and talk to you to measure your proficiency.

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Barrio Exchanges

Street in San Telmo

Ricardo sat on a vegetable crate across from me with a wide, cheshire grin.

“I would love to practice my English with you. I am traveling to New York in the week after next.” I mustered a half smile.

I answered in slow, methodical Spanish, “You will love it there. Are you going to the theatre? You must see Times Square, if only for a half an hour.”

It was closing time at the vegetable stand. I shifted my weight back and forth. V. and I had been talking about our weeks. She asked if I felt better–during the weekend, I had stopped by pale and sickly, too much time spent working in the apartment. I had been semi-delirious and couldn’t string my Spanish together well. Continue reading


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